May 28, 2022

Study Finds 99.99% of Business Books Are Never Read

 Study Finds 99.99% of Business Books Are Never Read

PALO ALTO, CA— Business books are a $20 billion dollar industry, but a new study by the Franco-Prussian Institute found that 99.99% of business books are never read by the people who purchase them. According to the study, which surveyed 7,000 businesspeople, the top reason for the purchase of business books is to “look smart” closely followed by “so my home office bookcase looks good on Zoom.”

“I want to look smart on the train, so I just leave my copy of Blue Ocean Strategy open and stare at it while I listen to a Joe Rogan podcast,” said Sales Manager Jim Stony. “Plus I have LinkedIn, which is basically like reading books.”

Cornelius Pennyworth

Cornelius was born with a silver spoon and a golden keyboard. When he isn't waxing his Rolls Royce, Cornelius enjoys big-game hunting on his private estate and sorting through his collection of Persian rugs.

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